Apr 24, 2023

GitLab Search on GitHub

gitlab search

The code search in GitLab CE is limited to one repo at a time. With GitLab Search the scope of search is all repositories. After install, the configuration command can be:

gitlab-search setup --api-domain http://myMac.local read_api-PERSONAL-accessToken

When Terminal opens, the current directory is the user directory by default. Seems OK to create the config file there. SHIFT+CMD+. reveals it / hides it. Than when Terminal opens:

gitlab-search myOneWordSearchTerm
gitlab-search “my search term”


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GitLab + Docker on Intel Mac

The official GitLabCE image on Docker Desktop for Mac. Works on Intel Mac. 

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GitLab + Docker on M2 Mac

GitLab CE images created for a Arm64 computer architecture.